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Hi guys! I'm Riley, your typical English major who's constantly enduring an existential crisis while spending the majority of her free time creating characters and stories inside her head!!

This is really just a creative outlet for me to put these thoughts to good use and hopefully make something of them one day!! I don't take requests or commissions, but I do the occasional fan art every once in a while (usually Disney or anime related)! If you have any questions or just want to strike up a conversation, please feel free to write me! Thanks for stopping by!!

OC Facts Meme!!

Tue Mar 22, 2016, 1:48 PM
  • Watching: John Oliver
  • Eating: Cinnamon Poptarts
Post 8 facts about your character then tag 8 other characters!

I was tagged by :iconthe-ez: and :icongreasezelda: for my characters, Atlas and Evangeline! Since they're both conveniently part of the same story and act as protagonist and deuteragonist, I'm going to knock these two birds out with one stone!!!

Ae by Blueberries-in-July  1. I often draw Atlas as a child, but that's because kids are easy to draw and I really enjoy flashbacks okay Stare he's actually 19 and Evangeline is 18.
2. Atlas is a shoddy but charming criminal who smuggles illegal substances into the city, while Evangeline reigns as your classic wealthy, reserved, moderately snobby, princess residing at the top of a strict class hierarchy.
3. Their fates intertwine when Atlas gets arrested but accepts a bargain to act as a pawn in a political scheme concocted by the aristocracy (that Evangeline is apart of obviously). But plans go disastrously wrong and it's really just a roller coaster from there!
4. Evangeline doesn't care much for people and won't engage in conversation if it isn't socially necessary. However, Atlas is a complete chatterbox and would likely carry on a conversation with a nearby pigeon if you let him. 
5. Both are orphans because that's a cliche I will shamelessly indulge in. I am a dummy! 
6. They live in a steampunk based world filled with sky pirates, automatons, and Victorian/Edwardian/1920's inspired fashion.
7. I'm wicked inconsistent when it comes to drawing them (especially Evangeline) but I'm hoping that'll change soon!
8. Unfortunately, I'm putting their story on the backburner for now, so I can focus on school and another project that's more developed. But that doesn't mean I won't stop posting art of them here!

Now then, my turn to spread the meme!

Prom by GreaseZelda Ashley by :icongreasezelda: (I'm tagging you back muahaha!)
Vladdy boy by HolyBlackEyes Vlad by :iconholyblackeyes: 
(The World Of Modieval) Rodney Frosbi by JoshGarciaArtworks Rodney by :iconjoshgarciaartworks:
Cheyenne 2015 by SarcasticLeaves Cheyenne by :iconsarcasticleaves:
Len by ThirdPersonSymphony Len by :iconthirdpersonsymphony:
Toby's jam by sketchbagel Toby by :iconsketchbagel:
Maya sketch #1 by artistichamster Maya by :iconartistichamster:
The Wolf by Lewely Kei by :iconlewely:


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Wait.  Ohmilord I was browsing my older art looking for something (I honestly forget what now lol) and came across your comment on one of them and your icon looked mighty fine, so I decided to check out your gallery.
AND I'M GLAD I DID. Your art is amazing! I love your style and your original work is totally kickin (it's awesome ok)
I feel like I might've actually said all this before when you first commented on my picture but oh well haha I speak the truth. Anyways that's all I wanted to say :D keep up the good work!
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